Civic Museum $5 Million Comes Through

March 28, 2008

It’s official!  MPP Liz Sandals announced today that the Province of Ontario’s MIII infrastructure program has awarded the $5 million request from the City of Guelph towards the restoration of the former Loretto Convent into the expanded Guelph Civic Museum.

This is exciting news, because it means the $6 million threshold in government-level funding has been reached, and the project can move ahead as planned.

The Civic Museum first identified the need for expansion over five years ago.  The current site cannot be expanded on site and the museum is bursting at the seams with artifacts, storage and lack of programming space.  The Diocese of Hamilton and the City of Guelph negotiated a 75 year lease term to use the Convent, a structurally sound Pre-Confederation limestone building, for the Museum.

This is great news!