Hanlon Changes Proposed

May 11, 2007

The Ministry of Transportation is planning some major changes to the movement of vehicles along the Hanlon – interchanges and flyovers (overpasses) at every intersection to provide an unimpeded route. Much of the northern portion (Speedvale, Willow, Paisley, Westwood) was approved back in 1995. The southern intersections (College, Stone, Kortright, Laird) are all being examined now with environmental assessments underway.

Public feedback is very, very much needed. The flyovers and interchanges will change the way some neighbourhoods function at crossing points.

Stantec Consulting is the lead for the project.

Are there alternatives? Yes – one alternatives is roundabouts. Roundabouts are quite successful in Europe with large volumes of traffic. For more information and discussion on roundabouts, see Councillor Findlay’s Ward 2 blog for information and links.

And then provide feedback to the consultants about your ideas and thoughts on the proposed changes.