I’m a Taxpayer Too

July 24, 2007

On occasion, I get calls or emails from constituents reminding me that they are taxpayers and have certain expectations about the services they receive for their tax dollar. Many residents are worried about facing significant tax increases over the next few years.

As a taxpayer, I share these concerns. My teenage children are eating me out of house and home, not to mention rising fuel costs, and looming post-secondary education bills. I have a modest income and live a simple life (one bathroom – family of six!)

I don’t relish the idea of significant tax increases anymore than my neighbours and constituents. I want value for money just like everyone else. But what is value for money? What services and ammenities do progressive communities invest in? What services contribute to quality of life?

My Guelph is more than just garbage pick-up, sewage, roads and police. My Guelph includes greenspace, clean water and air, healthy active citizens, affordable housing, arts, culture, music and heritage. My Guelph takes care of its most vulnerable citizens. My Guelph invests in high quality community and urban design. My Guelph invests in economic and labour force development.

Municipal politics is about making investments that yield the best return for the community good. Please share your thoughts – what are your priorities?