Nature Called

March 4, 2011

I received an email this morning from a constituent asking how I would have voted (if I had been at the table) on the issue of cutting three part-time library clerks.

Answer: I would have voted to keep them in the budget.

In other words,  the outcome of the vote (6-6 tie motion defeated) would NOT have changed had I been present to press the button.

I must admit to being a bit surprised and amused by the media attention to my three minute absence. Apparently, the Guelph Mercury has even posted a cartoon musing whether I stepped out for a coffee.

Allow me to solve the mystery of what I was doing during those three minutes for the curious:   I used the bathroom, washed my hands, and returned to the horseshoe.

Obviously my timing was off. I left the room when I thought there was plenty of debate still in play before the vote was called. When I returned, the vote results had just come on screen. What a difference 30 seconds can make.