Waterloo Airport




We have been receiving quite a few complaints lately about the flight path and noise associated with increased air traffic at Waterloo Regional International Airport (Breslau).

Although this is a federal facility and we have no jurisdiction over its operations, we have not been silent. This web page is to provide you with more information on what actions the city has taken to date.


  • Our Intergovernmental staff inside city hall are actively engaged on this file
  • The Mayor and CAO have requested a meeting with Airport management
  • The City has asked for future engagement include the residents of Guelph
  • The City has reached out to MP Lloyd Longfield (his response is provided below)


If you are experiencing increased noise frequency and volume  here is a LINK to Submit a Noise Complaint.


From MP Lloyd Longfield’s office:


“I understand that you are concerned about the impact of the increasing number of flights taking off and landing at the Region of Waterloo International Airport (YKF). It is expected that this airport will be increasingly used in the coming years, with expansions planned to take on more national flights as Pearson Int’l Airport approaches its capacity. My office has been in touch with the City of Guelph regarding this file and we will continue to collaborate as we advance the interests of the City of Guelph as it relates to air traffic.


All airport authorities operate independently from the federal government, but are regulated by Transportation Canada. The Region of Waterloo (which is responsible for the operation of the airport) did carry out a consultation in 2019 regarding the expansion of the airport. The link to that report can be found below: https://www.waterlooairport.ca/en/about-ykf/resources/Master-Plan-2019/June-20-2019---Public-Consultation-Centre-No.-1-Information-Package.ACCESS.pdf


It is worth noting that while the federal government is responsible for regulating the safety of air transportation, flight paths are decided by the airport authority and/or pilots themselves.


I will continue to share your concerns with my colleagues in Ottawa. Please note that you also have the ability to file a noise complaint directly with the Region of Waterloo through the form below. Additionally, if you can share any specific details through this complaint process (time, date, location) that you observe or are disturbed by disruptive flights, these details would help identify the issues and propose potential solutions. 



To specifically address your concerns about training flights, it does not appear that these flights are inconsistent with any federal regulations. You may still file a formal complaint with Transport Canada at (613)-990-2309.


I also understand your concerns about the environmental impact of more flights. Part of my work as a Member of the Standing Committee on Environment and Sustainable Development has been to work towards an improved national clean fuel standard


I hope that this information is helpful. Should you require any additional assistance, please do continue to contact my office.”




Lloyd Longfield

Member of Parliament for Guelph