Guelph Transit Challenge

May 4, 2015

It was a sunny 20+ degree day outside when I said “I’ll do it!” to the Guelph Transit Challenge.  Although I am already an occasional transit user, the truth is that my car is my primary means of transportation.  The reasons vary by month:  work requirements, family commitments, weather, etc.

Can I shift my 90% (car) and 10% (other) lifestyle in the other direction?  Can I ready to go car-free, cold turkey, for 31 days?   Many residents in Guelph do not have a choice. Without a car, what are the challenges faced daily by those who ride transit, walk or bike around the city?

Fellow Councillor Phil Allt was the first to rise to the GT Challenge, inspired by local resident Sian Matwey to make a commitment to make alternate transportation (transit, walk, bike) the primary means of getting around for one full month.

Follow Councillor Allt @PhilAlltWard3 and @Ward5Guelph on our GT Challenge experience.  Or better yet, join us, and share your observations with us.