Guelph Transit Challenge – Week One Reflections

May 8, 2015

The first week of the Guelph Transit (GT) Challenge is over!  Here is my progress report and observations:


  • Despite temptation, I have not used my car, asked for a ride or accepted a ride in a car.  I am 100% car-free!
  • Approximately 50% of my transportation needs have been met through Guelph Transit.  I have been a passenger on six different routes.
  • The remaining 50% of my transportation has been on foot or bicycle.

Observations (the good, the bad and the ugly):

  • drivers are friendly, helpful and professional.
  • buses have been on time, and I have made all my connections
  • planning ahead is essential!
  • comfy shoes and a good backpack are also essential
  • Guelph Central Station is desperately in need of landscaping, it is barren and crying out for greenery
  • smoking regulations are not being enforced at GCS or the University loop (including drivers setting a bad example) – it’s a turn off to non-smokers and I worry it will affect growing new ridership
  • gaps in service along Edinburgh, between Stone and College (east side) and Woolwich, between Tiffany and downtown (west side)
  • riders are very courteous to one another, offering seats to those in need, and helping with packages

Week Two is still ahead, and let’s face it, I haven’t been really challenged until I need to get somewhere in the rain.  I did manage a small load of groceries this week, but in the week ahead I need deliver a cake and buy a can of paint from Canadian Tire …. stay tuned.