The Idea Bank

June 7, 2019



Some of the best city-building ideas come from you!   Perhaps you were lying awake at night and came up with a great idea to make your neighbourhood a better place, or solved a problem that's been bugging you.  Or perhaps you were travelling or reading an article and saw a brilliant project or initiative that you think would work perfectly back home in Guelph?  


I'd love to hear from you...


I will post all ideas here.  You may inspire others to build on your idea or come up with their own.  I will share your ideas with my colleagues on Council and city staff.  Who knows what will happen ... all trees start as seeds, all innovations start as ideas.  


Here's one to get us started:




Research shows that ridership experience is enhanced when the transit stop is shaded.  From my own experience, standing in the hot sun on concrete or walking downtown on a sidewalk with no trees is far from pleasant.   What if every transit stop had a shade tree?  The City of Guelph has a goal to reach an urban forest canopy of 40% to help mitigate the impacts of climate change, improve erosion control, stormwater control, and reduce the urban heat island effect.  But all of these practical reasons aside, a shady tree looks nice and is a great place to stand on a hot day.  


Many of our unshaded transit stops are in front of residential properties.  What if property owners volunteered to "adopt" their transit stop, plant a tree and water it until it is established?  Or an edible garden?  


The Edible Bus Stop

Edible Bus Stop   


Shade Trees and Transit Stops

 Bus Stops